Wednesday, May 27, 2009

erin wasson talks

#1 I’ve always been comfortable naked. I find clothes slightly unnecessary sometimes. They cover up what is so beautiful about us, all the quirks.
#2 My dad entered me into a modelling competition when I was 17. I didn’t want to be a model — I had a shaved head and tattoos. I’m covered in scars. Perfect is boring.
#3 I don’t like to feel tied down. In 2003, I bought a truck for $1,000 and spent five months on the road. I just needed to go where the wind blew me.
#4 Just because a boy tells you he loves you doesn’t mean you need to marry him. I married when I was 18. He was 28, the older man who said all the right things.
#5 I’m a total gypsy. I don’t unpack my bag because something can always happen. After two weeks in one place, I start getting the jitters.
#6 I’m sharp-tongued, I won’t let anyone mess with me. In fashion, you learn not to listen to people; they say one thing then do another.
#7 The poorest people have the best style — they don’t just walk into swanky stores and swipe. Money just makes you want and want and want. You forget it’s about the simpler things.
#8 A girl in a huge T-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts looks much sexier than a girl in the dress and the heels. It shows more confidence if you can walk out the door in something frumpy.
#9 I like coffee, cigarettes and sun— my dermatologist hates me. The sun is my Prozac.

[source, Selfridges/theSundayTimes]

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